Trias is a Belgian development NGO that aims to improve the socio-economic situation of small producers and micro-entrepreneurs by supporting their organizations to achieve sustainability and quality of life for families in rural areas. Trias supports 4 million family farmers and small entrepreneurs in 14 countries. Ten overseas regional and country offices guarantee intensive guidance for 114 member-based organizations of farmers and entrepreneurs. In that way, enterprising people get access to professional business training, affordable micro credits, profitable markets, and active defense of their interests.

Introduction to Enabling Rural Innovation

Welcome to the Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) facilitator training.

This training provides a general understanding of the ERI approach and goes into detail to support you on each stage of its implementation. During the following modules, you will find structured information to guide you on your first experience with ERI or to serve as a refresher if you already have applied the ERI approach…

Workshop on Distance Education: Methodologies and Practical Experiences

Welcome to the Workshop on Distance Education: Methodologies and Practical Experiences

In order to broaden and strengthen cooperation activities in education, this environment was organized for you to review the topics covered in our meeting.

Watch the video recorded on the day of the event, and download the presentation.

You will soon be able to access your certificate of participation in the meeting!


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